Our differentiated Portfolio of services for B2B and B2C

P3M (Project / Program / Portfolio) Consulting

  • One-stop PMO solution provider including digital solutions
  • Seamless delivery of Training, Consulting, Implementation & Adoption
  • Pioneer in offering assessment platform for OPM3 assessments
  • Online platform for Blended Learning, Mentoring, Coaching & adoption

On Demand PMO

Business Agility
  • Qualified PMO professionals on demand
  • Digital PMO solution
  • Robust PMO process framework at play
  • PMI certified professionals

Business Agility Portfolio

  • Business Agility is the Matra for delivering value streams  by adopting the agile best practices that are not prescriptive but based on what works for every unique business ecosystem
  • We ProPMO offer training, and consulting focused on Business Agility.

Career Development Services

Career Development Services
  • Career management services
  • Career Development Services
  • Counseling, Mentoring, Coaching Services through

Human Capital Building Services

  • IT and Non-IT Technical Professionals
  • Project, Program, Portfolio Management Professionals
  • Leadership / Strategic executives
  • Career development services

Offshore development services

  • End to End Programs / Project execution
  • Tailored engagement models for small, medium and large corporations in running a PMO / PM practice
  • PLM, CAD, and CAE projects


About Careerbuddyonline

Many people are looking for the whole concept behind this new initiative at For the benefit of everyone, we wish to narrate the same here. We, at careerbuddyonline look at career development in a holistic manner.


You must get counselling to understand what career option is well suited for you and what it takes to achieve the career objectives. You can take counsellors’ help to get the best possible start on your career path.


Once you have understood the direction and career objectives, you need to look for a very good mentor. This mentor can help you with advises and guidance, so that you stay on course towards achieving your career goals. Mentors stay for life and you might like to have multiple mentors for different career objectives.


As you progress on your career path, you / your mentor might discover areas of weakness. These could be related to skill set or application of certain technology. Mentor may advise you to get coaching on the same from an expert. Coaching services would help you getting to the bottom of the subject that concerns you. Those will help you to become more proficient in specific functional areas, tools, techniques, adoption of technology or dealing with leadership challenges.


Your mentors might recommend certain training or workshop for you. We recommend you to take counsellor’s / mentor’s help in identifying the right training / workshops. This is required because this recommendation will optimize your cost of learning.


While Counselling, Mentoring, Coaching, Training will help you get lot of knowledge and acquire new skills. At the same time, we recommend you to signup for any kind of volunteering. Through volunteering, you can learn many things that other modes of learning may not offer. Volunteering will enable you to get experiential learning even better. Mentors might ask you to sign up for a volunteer leader opportunity available from an NGO so that you become more proficient in managing people, leading initiatives and learn from peers in the industry. Volunteering can also be for an individual contributor role.

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At, we provide all the learning opportunities through all possible learning modes and in a logical coordinated manner!


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  • Some of our projects were stalled for various reasons. ProPMO overtook the PMO of the projects and reset the project execution and brought back the normalcy!
  • We can now afford a professional PM and start looking to grow exponentially with ProPMO being our partner for managing the PMO!